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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 1995;19(3):26.
Assessment of Hand Function in Boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Seong Woong Kang, M.D., Jee Sun Lee, M.D., Min Jung Kang, M.D., Young Moo Nah, M.D. , Jae Ho Moon, M.D.
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Yonsei University College of Medicine
두시엔느 근디스트로피 환아의 손기능 평가
강성웅, 이지선, 강민정, 나영무, 문재호
연세대학교 의과대학 재활의학교실

Twenty-four male subjects with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy(DMD) were assessed for hand function using the timed Jebsen test of hand function. We carried out this study in order to determine the correlation between Jebsen test and already established Brooke's upper extremities functional rating scale, age, range of motion measurement in wrist joint and strength of wrist muscles. On Jebsen test, there was significant correlation between most of the subtests of Jebsen test and age(p<0.01). But subtests reflected in learning ability and fine motor coordination of hands such as writing, card turning(simulated page turning), and stacking checkers were preserved regardless of aging. This study reveals significant negative correlations of subtests of Jebsen test with limitation of radial deviation and weakness of wrist extension(p<0.01). The univariate regression analysis results suggested a positive relationship between the Jebsen and Brooke scale(R2=0.71, 0.75). However, the Jebsen test was found to be a more discriminative assessment of hand function than the Brooke scale among the DMD patients. The Jebsen test might be used instead of the Brooke scale as a method of following DMD patients progress over time and during treatment trials. In addition, exercise program focusing on maintaining strength in muscles and range of motion of distal upper extremities to allow as much independent function as possible for the child with DMD is suggested.

Key Words: Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Hand function, Jebsen test, Brooke's upper extremity functional rating scale


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