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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 1993;17(1):57-61.
Magnetic stimulation in sciatic nerve conduction study.
Kang, Seoung Woong , Lee, Mi Hee , Moon, Jae Ho , Chun, Sae Il
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine , Yonsei University College of Medicine
자기자극을 이용한 좌골신경의신경전도검사
강성웅, 이미희, 문재호, 전세일
연세대학교 의과대학 재활의학교실

Stimulation of the sciatic nerve generally requires needle electrodes because of the relatively inaccessible deep location of the nerve.

Human magnetic stimulation of deep seated nerves such as sciatic nerve is feasible and effective with advantage of being noninvasive and painless.

We compared magnetic stimulation with electrical stimulation of the sciatic nerve and investigated the clinical usefulness of magnetic stimulation of the sciatic nerve.

Thirty healthy adults were studied and the results were as follows:

1) The latencies of compound muscle action potential obtained with electrical stimulation and magnetic stimulation showed no significant difference in both peroneal and tibial component of sciatic nerve.

2) The amplitudes obtained with magnetic stimulation were significantly smaller than those obtained with electrical stimulation in both peroneal and tibial component of sciatic nerve.

3) the conduction velocities in gluteal to popliteal area segment showed no significant difference in both peroneal and tibial component of sciatic nerve.

The use of magnetic stimulation may be a reasonable alternative to electrical stimulation in sciatic nerve conduction study, especially in unilateral lesion.

But to make it more suitable for clinical use, further technical development increasing the focality of magnetic stimulation is desirable.

Key Words: Magnetic stimulation, Electrical stimulation, Sciatic nerve, Nerve conduction study


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