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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 1997;21(2):444-448.
Stress Fracture of Talus as a Complication of Phenol Block: Case Report.
Song, Yangjoo , Hwang, Yunsung , Park, Insun
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Inje University College of Medicine, Korea.
페놀차단후에 발생한 거골의 긴장성골절 ⁣증례 보고⁣
송양주, 황윤성, 박인선
인제대학교 의과대학 재활의학교실

Motor point block with phenol solution has the advantage of technical ease, bedside performance, and repetition as necessary in reducing spasticity. To our knowledge, however, complicating stress fracture that occur during the course of treatment after motor point block has not been described. We report the occurance of stress fracture of the head of right talus after motor point block with phenol solution. A 17-year-old boy had a gait disturbance due to excessive plantar flexion and inversion of right ankle by spasticity. Percutaneous motor point block to right tibialis posterior and right gastrocnemius was done with 7% aqueous phenol solution. Just after the block, he began to bear his weight on right heel and physical therapy including gait training was started. He complained of right ankle pain a week after resumption of weight-bearing while walking. Bone scan and magnetic resonance imaging of right ankle revealed stress fracture of talus of right foot. This case illustrated that physiatrists involved in the management of such patients should be aware that secondary stress fractures can occur.

Key Words: Stress fracture, Phenol block


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