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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 2000;24(5):981-987.
Risk Factors of Low Back Pain in a General Population.
Chon, Joongson , Kim, Seong Won , Kim, Sung Soo , Kim, Yong Geol , Choi, Hyun Jin , Ahn, Kyung Hoi , Kim, Hee Sang , Kang, Hyung Gon , Lim, Ji Young , Lee, Young Jin
1Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Pochon CHA Univisity College of Medicine.
2Department of Family Medicine, Pochon CHA Univisity College of Medicine.
3Department of Preventive Medicine, Pochon CHA Univisity College of Medicine.
4Department of Nursing, Pochon CHA Univisity College of Medicine.
5Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Kyung Hee University College of Medicine.
일반 성인의 요통에 관여하는 요인들에 대한 분석
전중선, 김성원, 김성수, 김용걸, 최현진, 안경회4, 김희상4, 강형곤2, 임지영3, 이영진1
포천중문의대 재활의학과, 1가정의학과, 2예방의학과, 3간호학과, 4경희의대 재활의학교실

To examine the correlation between the prevalence and the risk factors of low back pain.

The number of subjects in this study was 575 men and 325 women who have visited the health center of the CHA hospital. The prevalence of low back pain was evaluated and the risk factors were assessed by history taking, physical examination and the questionnaires. Estimated factors influencing low back pain were age, sex, height, weight, body mass index, waist to hip ratio, range of motion, smoking, alcohol drinking, fitness and other disease.

1) Low back pain was correlated with age, sex, waist to hip ratio, flexibility, arthritis, nervous and depressive disorder and daily activities. 2) Chronic low back pain was correlated with age, right lateral bending, arthritis, cardiovascular disorder and daily activities. 3) Radicular symptom was correlated with age, left and right lateral bending, smoking, exercise, arthritis, nervous and depressive disorder, diabetes and daily activities. 4) Height, weight, body mass index and alcohol drinking had no correlation with low back pain.

Understanding of the risk factors for low back pain will be helpful for providing objective standards for assessment of low back pain and preventing occurrence and recurrence of low back pain.

Key Words: Risk factor, Prevalence, Low back pain


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