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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 2001;25(2):290-295.
The Effect of Isometric and Isotonic Mixed Exercise in Patients with Degenerative Arthritis of Knee.
Lee, Sang Mo , Kim, Jong Chul , Kim, Tai Kon , Lee, Jung Gon , Jang, Sung Ho , Park, Si Bog , Lee, Sang Gun , Hwang, Sae Jin
1The Graduate School of National Intelligence, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Seoul, Korea.
2Anatomy Medicine, College of Medicine, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea.
퇴행성 슬관절염 환자에서의 등척성 및 등장성 혼합운동의 효과
이상모1, 김종철, 김태곤, 이정곤, 장성호, 박시복, 이상건, 황세진2
1국가정보대학원, 한양의대 재활의학교실, 2해부학교실

The purpose of this study is to identify how the isotonic and isometric mixed excercise training for 12 weeks take influence on the muscular strength, muscle size and foot pressure (by EMED) in patients with degenerative knee joint disease.

Seven patients with degenerative knee joint disease were chosen for the experimental objects and were trained isotonic exercise program for twelve weeks. Before and after exercise, Cybex, Computed Tomography and EMED were examined.

After exercise program, peak torque, peak torque %Bwt and average power were significantly increased at 60o/sec and 180o/sec in both knee flexors and extensors. But peak torque ratio flexor/extensor were not significantly increased. Cross-sectional area of quadriceps and hamstrings were significantly increased. But there were no significant difference in the peak pressure at the heel and time (from initiation of initial contact to peak pressure at the heel).

We knew that isotonic and isometric mixed exercise training to the patients with degenerative knee joint disease for 12 weeks improved the muscular strength and muscle size, but this is not influenced on heel pressure. So, there may be needed to study with kinetic and kinematic analysis to more experimental patients.

Key Words: EMED, Isotonic exercise, Degenerative knee joint disease, Cybex, Computed tomography, EMED


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