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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 2003;27(5):661-666.
A Newly Designed Sling for Hemiplegic Shoulder Subluxation: A Pilot Study.
Han, Tai Ryoon , Paik, Nam Jong , Kim, Dai Youl , Kim, You Soo , Park, Ji Hong
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Seoul National University College of Medicine, Korea. topvalue@snu.md
편마비 환자의 어깨 아탈구를 위한 새로운 보조기의 개발 및 예비연구
한태륜, 백남종, 김대열, 김유수, 박지홍1
서울대학교 의과대학 재활의학교실, 1박의지
To introduce a newly designed arm sling and to compare the effects on a shoulder subluxation.

Sixteen hemiplegic patients with shoulder subluxation were evaluated by a simple X-ray with and without the slings and the vertical and horizontal distances on the plain AP views were measured. The newly designed arm sling was compared in terms of the effects of correction with a pouch sling and a Bobath sling. The arm sling designed for this study was developed for the purpose of maintaining patients' hands in a functional position and performing ROM exercise of the shoulder easily. The mean values of the vertical and horizontal distance were compared to determine if there was significant difference of function between the new sling and the conventional slings. Variables such as comfort, choice, and easiness for donning and doffing of the arm slings were evaluated by questions.

Resuts: The new sling provided the patients with good vertical correction of the subluxation (p<0.05) but did not increase the horizontal distance significantly. According to the responses to the questions, the new sling was more comfortable than the conventional slings.

These results support the effectiveness and the comfort of a new sling to decrease subluxation in hemiplegia. Further study on the long term effects or complication of the new sling is recommended.

Key Words: Sling, Shoulder subluxation, Hemiplegia


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