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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 1996;20(3):34.
Newly Designed Vest-type Shoulder Forearm Support for the Subluxated Shoulder
Woog Kang, M.D., Won Hee Seo, M.D., Jong Yoon Yu, M.D. , Sang Bae Ha, M.D.
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Asan Medical Center, University of Ulsan College of Medicine
견관절 아탈구 교정을 위하여 새로이 고안된 조끼형 팔걸이
강욱, 서원희, 유종윤, 하상배
울산의대 서울중앙병원 재활의학과

Subluxation of the shoulder is a common problem in patients who have had a stroke. Of the shoulder supports that are being used today, many do not reduce the subluxation quite enough, and patients continue to complain of shoulder pain. A new support named `Vest-type' shoulder forearm support was designed and turned out to prevent glenohumeral subluxation and stabilize the shoulder joint effectively. The amount of reduction that have been achieved by the newly designed support was compared with other kinds of supports including Bobath sling, Hemi-sling and a lap board in this study. Anteroposterior X-rays were taken from the stroke patients, of both the affected and the unaffected shoulders with or without supports. From the radiographs, the vertical distances between the acromial tips and the humeral head centers and horizontal distances between the humeral head centers and the glenoid fossas were evaluated. Group means were compared to find which support corrected subluxation and approximated the unaffected shoulder. According to this study, the newly designed "Vest-type" shoulder forearm support was the most correctable one in vertical correction. The horizontal distances did not differ significantly between the ones with or without the supports on.

Key Words: Shoulder subluxation, Arm sling, Vest-type shoulder forearm support, Stroke


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