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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 2004;28(1):1-6.
Development of Medical Rehabilitation System for Persons with Disabilities.
Kim, Byung sik
Director General, National Rehabilitation Center of Korea. nrckim@hanmail.net
한국의 재활의료 서비스 체계
국립재활원 원장
Recently the numbers of persons with disabilities and aged are rapidly increasing every year. And the scope of persons with disabilities is much more diversified. According to the recent report of the desire for the persons with disabilities, it is noted that medical rehabilitation service is most insufficient. But compared to the numbers and needs of persons with disabilities, the numbers of medical rehabilitation facilities are still much insufficient. The important factors to be considered in rehabilitation hospital are accessibility, comprehensiveness, quality, continuity and efficiency. In Korea, the current conditions of medical rehabilitation service are as follows: 1) increase of medical rehabilitation demand, 2) shortage of rehabilitation hospital beds, 3) insufficient medical rehabilitation insurance system, 4) absence of continuum care, 5) accessibility problem etc. Considering these aspects, the government is planning to build the regional rehabilitation center each district and meet the need for persons with disabilities by the second five-year plan of the welfare for persons with disabilities. Finally I suggest some a plans to establish medical service provision system for the disabled. First of all, regional rehabilitation center should be established in each province, so as to provide better and comprehensive medical services to the disabled. Second, medical services in public and private health sector should be expanded. Third, the need for the community rehabilitation committee that links the hospital and the community should be emphasized. (J Korean Acad Rehab Med 2004; 28: 1-6)
Key Words: Medical rehabilitation, Disabilities, Rehabilitation hospital, Public health system


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