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Association Between Latency of Dermatomal Sensory-Evoked Potentials and Quantitative Radiologic Findings of Narrowing in Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
Dong Chan Yang, Ho Jun Lee, Jin-Woo Park, Kiyeun Nam, Shengshu Kim, Keun-Tae Cho, Bum Sun Kwon
Ann Rehabil Med. 2020;44(5):353-361.   Published online September 28, 2020
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A Dynamic Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study of Changes in Severity of Cervical Spinal Stenosis in Flexion and Extension
Yookyung Lee, Seung Yeun Kim, Keewon Kim
Ann Rehabil Med. 2018;42(4):584-590.   Published online August 31, 2018
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The Effect and Safety of Steroid Injection in Lumbar Spinal Stenosis: With or Without Local Anesthetics
Sung Hyuk Song, Gi Hyeong Ryu, Jin Woo Park, Ho Jun Lee, Ki Yeun Nam, Hyojun Kim, Seung Yeon Kim, Bum Sun Kwon
Ann Rehabil Med. 2016;40(1):14-20.   Published online February 26, 2016
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Right Calf Claudication Revealing Leriche Syndrome Presenting as Right Sciatic Neuropathy
Do Hyun Yoon, Hyungpil Cho, Seung Jun Seol, Taikon Kim
Ann Rehabil Med. 2014;38(1):132-137.   Published online February 25, 2014
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Injectate Volumes Needed to Reach Specific Landmarks and Contrast Pattern in Kambin's Triangle Approach with Spinal Stenosis
Ki Deok Park, Ji Hae Lee, Yongbum Park
Ann Rehabil Med. 2012;36(4):480-487.   Published online August 27, 2012
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Clinical Characteristics and Rehabilitative Therapeutic Effect on Peripheral Arterial Disease Combined with Lumbar Spinal Stenosis.
Kim, Chul , Lee, Dong Woo , Park, Yong Bum
Ann Rehabil Med. 2011;35(2):250-258.
Efficacy of Translaminar Epidural Steroid Injection versus Combined Translaminar Epidural Steroid Injection with Selective Nerve Root Injection in Spinal Stenosis.
Nam, Ki Yeon , Ryu, Gi Hyeong , Choi, Jung Min , Choi, Jong Ho , Kwuan, Bum Sun , Park, Jin Woo
Ann Rehabil Med. 2007;31(1):7-13.
Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Induced by Epidural Lipomatosis: A case report.
Park, Gi young , Cho, Jang hyuk , Lee, So young
Ann Rehabil Med. 2004;28(6):618-621.
Traumatic Cauda Equina Syndrome Due to Spinal Stenosis in an Achondroplastic Patient: A Case Report.
Lee, Sool Ryon , Cho, Seong Chan , Ha, Sang Bae
Ann Rehabil Med. 2001;25(3):523-526.
The Effect of Epidural Injection for Spinal Stenosis.
Kim, Chul , Kim, Changhyo , Ahn, Jae Ki
Ann Rehabil Med. 2000;24(6):1180-1185.
The Effect of Caudal Epidural Injection for the Pseudoclaudication of Spinal Stenosis.
Son, Cheol Ho , Kang, Bong Gu , Lee, Yang Gyun
Ann Rehabil Med. 1998;22(3):582-586.
The Outcomes of Epidural Steroid Injection for Treatment of Patients with Spinal Stenosis.
Kim, Hyun Dong , Lee, Kang Woo
Ann Rehabil Med. 1998;22(2):274-281.
Motor Nerve Conduction Study of Lumbosacral Spinal Stenosis with Magnetic Stimulation.
Han, Tai Ryoon , Bang, Moon Suk , Kwon, Bum Sun
Ann Rehabil Med. 1998;22(1):77-83.
Dynamic Effects on F wave Parameters and SEPs in Lumbar Canal Stenosis.
Kim, Cheol Hyeon , Lee, Zee Ihn , Lee, Yang Soo , Park, Hyun , Kim, Poong Taek
Ann Rehabil Med. 1997;21(1):194-199.
Dynamic F Waves in Neurogenic Claudication
Ho Lee, M.D., Sang Yeol Ryu, M.D., Jung Hee Park, M.D. , Kang Hee Cho, M.D.
Ann Rehabil Med. 1996;20(4):18.


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