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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 1994;18(4):16.
Current Status of Sexual Life in the Spinal Cord Injured Men
Woo Hong Rhee, M.D., Sang Woon Lee, M.D., In Su Choi, M.D., , Sang Kyun Park, M.D. Byund Du Song, M.D.
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Sun General Hospital, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Jnun Ang General Hospital

and Literature Chonbuk National University

척수 손상자의 성생활 실태
이우홍, 이상운, 최인수, 박상균, 송병두
대전 선병원 재활의학과, 대전 중앙병원 재활의학과

A representative sample of 45 men with spinal cord injury who reside in the community, was studied in terms of sexual activity, concern and interest, Participants reponded to a questionnaire and rating scales and were physically examined to establish their neurologic status, With respect to eleven other area of life, sex life ranked third in terms of importance, and the lowest in terms of satisfaction. Of the sample, 31% reported having had a physical relationship in the past 12 months, Area Of greatest concern were not getting enough personal satisfaction(91.1%). The greatest interest form seven topics related to sexuality were methods and techniques to achieve sexual satisfaction. With the above results, we concluded that the sexual rehabilitation should be included in comprehensive rehabilitation of spinal cord injured men

Key Words: Spinal cord injury, Sexual life, Sexual concern, Sexual interest


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