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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 1994;18(3):6.
Measurement of Femoral Anteversion Using 3 Dimensional Imaging
Sun Il Kim, Ph.D.*, Si-Bog Park, M.D. , Kang-Mok Lee, M.D.
Department of Medical Information* and Rehabilitation Medicine, College of Medicine, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea
3차원 영상기법을 이용한 고관절의 전경사각 측정방법
김선일*, 박시복, 이강목
한양대학교 의과대학 계량의학교실* 및 재활의학교실

Because of the complex 3 dimensional structure of the femur, the conventional methods that use cross sectional computerized tomograph (CT) images to measure anteversion have several problems. These are 1) the ambiguity of defining the femoral neck axis and condylar line, 2) the dependence of patient positioning. Especially, the femoral neck axis which is known as a major source of error is hard to determine from single or several 2 dimensional transverse CT images. The present study has devised a new method for the measurement of anteversion utilizing the 3 dimensional imaging technique. First, the CT scan was taken into two parts include from the head to lesser trochanter (proximal part) and the condylar part (distal part) of femur. The two parts of cross-sectional images were position-corrected by adjusting the centroid of the neck base and the supra-condylar cross-sections. Then the slice images of proximal part are rearranged to antero-posterior view parallel to the condylar axis and bisected obliquely along the line of the inclination of the neck for a better definition of the neck axis. Then the bisected proximal part and the distal part of femur were 3 dimensionally reconstructed and rotated to make a cranio-caudal view for a final measurement. The direct measurement was performed on computer screen with the aide of specially designed caliper tool software. This method provides the most accurate measurement of anteversion because it is virtually equivalent to the direct measurement of bisected dried femur in vitro.

Key Words: Femoral anteversion, Three dimensional imaging, Computerized tomography


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