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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 1992;16(3):256-259.
The effects of ultrasound therapy on the intravesical pressure and temperature of rabbit bladder(I).
Kim, Ghi Chan , Kim, Kyoung Soo , Lee, Kyoung Min , Ko, Hyun Yoon
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Kosin Medicine College
초음파열치료에 의한 방광내압과 온도변화에 관한 연구(1)
김기찬, 김경수, 이경민, 고현윤
고신대학 의학부 재활의학교실

This experiment was designed to define decreasing effect of intravesical pressure by ultrasound therapy on distended bladder of rabbit in vivo. Thereby we suggest and strengthen the basis for the clinical application of ultrasound therapy on hyperreflexic detrusor.

Eighteen normal male rabbits were used. Intravesical pressure at 5 minutes in ultrasound therapy group was significantly decreased, and intravesical temperature in the group was significantly higher than control group(p0.05). While the differences of the pressure and temperature at 10 minutes were not significant between the groups.

Key Words: Intravesical pressure, Intravesical temperature, Ultrasound, Hyperreflexic detrusor


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