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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 2001;25(3):404-411.
Correlation between Berg Balance Scale and Sensory Organization Test of Computerized Dynamic Posturography in Brain Injured Patients.
Jung, Han Young , Kim, Myeong Ok , Kwak, Jai Rheung
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Inha University College of Medicine.
뇌병변 환자의 Berg 척도와 동적자세측정기의 감각체제검사간 상관관계
정한영, 김명옥, 곽재륭
인하대학교 의과대학 재활의학교실

To examine the correlation between Berg balance scale (BBS) which is tool for assessing the clinical balance function and sensory organization test (SOT) of computerized dynamic posturography (CDP) in brain injured patients.

Thirty patients with brain injury were assessed on the BBS and SOT of CDP. BBS consists of 14 items and each item is graded on a five point ordinal scale (0∼4), yielding a total of 56 points. According to its characteristics, each item was divided 3 groups, which were sitting, standing and position change. Six equilibrium scores (EQ) were determined by SOT of CDP (EquiTest System, Version 5.08) under 6 conditions, and somatosensory, visual, vestibular ratios were analyzed by 6 EQ scores.

EQ 5 was correlated with reaching forward item (r=0.513), turning 360 degrees item (r=0.537), stool stepping item (r=0.529) of BBS (p<0.01). EQ 6 was correlated with turning 360 degrees item (r=0.498) of BBS (p<0.01). Sum of standing item group scores was correlated with EQ 5 (r=0.478), EQ 6 (r=0.464), and sum of position change item scores was correlated with EQ 5 (r=0.622), EQ 6 (r=0.514)(p<0.01). Vestibular ratio was correlated with BBS total score (r=0.552, p<0.01).

We concluded that vestibular ratio of SOT was correlated with BBS, especially position change item group. Therefore BBS is a good tool for evaluating vestibular function in brain injured patients.

Key Words: Berg balance scale, Computerized dynamic posturography, Brain injury


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