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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 2004;28(1):94-97.
The Effect of Metatarsal Pad for Foot Pressure.
Lee, Gyu Hoon , Han, Seung Jin , Lee, Sang Gun , Park, Si Bog
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Hanyang University College of Medicine, Korea. sibopark@hanyang.ac.kr
정상 성인에서 중족골 패드가 발바닥 압력에 미치는 영향
이규훈, 한승진, 이상건, 박시복
한양대학교 의과대학 재활의학교실
To compare the foot pressure of the insole with medial longitudinal arch support and metatarsal pad and insole with medial longitudinal arch support only.
Thirty three normal subjects participated in this study. Insole were fabricated by Hana-meditec company after shaping the subjects' foot. The left insole had only medial longitudinal arch support and right insole had medial longitudinal arch support with metatarsal pad. Bare foot pressure were measured by EMED systemduring comfortable gait. Shoes were manufactured by Osan University. Foot pressure in the shoes was measured by PEDAR system during comfortable gait. Plantar pressure were analyzed by PEDAR C-expert program at T0 (whole foot), M1 (heel), M2 (midfoot), M3 (1st and 2nd metatarsal area), M4 (3rd, 4th and 5th metatarsal area), M5 (great toe), M6 (2nd and 3rd toes area), and M7 (4th and 5th toes area) zone.
Right bare foot plantar peak pressure was identical with left side. Right plantar peak pressure with metatarsal pad in shoes was lower than left side with medial longitudinal arch support only at M1, M2 and M4 zone.
For reducing the plantar peak pressure, the insole with medial longitudinal arch support and metatarsal pad were better than the insole with medial longitudinal arch support only. (J Korean Acad Rehab Med 2004; 28: 94-97)
Key Words: Normal adult, Peak plantar pressure, Medial longitudinal arch support, Metatarsal pad, Insole


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