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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 2004;28(3):253-258.
Rehabilitation after Menisectomy in Elite Soccer Players.
Lee, Hong Jae , Lee, Jeong Ah , Lim, Kil Byung , Na, Young Moo
1Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Institute of Sport Rehabilitation, College of Medicine, Inje University, Korea. irapp@hanmail.net
2Institute of Sport Medicine Korea, Korea.
축구선수에서 반월상 연골판 절제술 후의 재활치료
이홍재, 이정아, 임길병, 나영무1
인제대학교 의과대학 재활의학교실 및 스포츠 재활연구소, 1스포츠 메디슨 코리아
To evaluate the effect of systemic and appropriate rehabilitation after menisectomy.
We reviewed the medical records of 13 patients who had been in rehabilitation program after menisectomy. We measured the range of motion of the knee joint, pain intensity by visual analogue scale (VAS) score, the difference of thigh circumference between normal and menisectomied legs, and strength of flexors and extensor of the knee and functional tests before and after rehabilitation.
Range of motion, VAS score, thigh circumference, strength of flexors and extensors of the menisectomied knee were significantly different before and after rehabilitation. Knee flexion angle increased from 76.9o to 135o and kneeextension angle increased from ⁣10.8o to 0o. VAS score decreased from 4.3 to 0.9. The difference of thigh circumference decreased from 2.80 to 0.44 cm. The torque of flexors increased from 82.88 to 120.05 Nm and that of extensors increased from 97.83 to 149.77 Nm at 60 degrees/ sec. Twelve out of 13 players performed functional activities and returned to sports successfully after systemic rehabilitation. The average duration of rehabilitation was 16.6 weeks.
We suggested that systemic and appropriate rehabilitation after the menisectomy was needed for successful return to sports. (J Korean Acad Rehab Med 2004; 28: 253-258)
Key Words: Menisectomy, Rehabilitation


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