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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 2005;29(4):383-386.
Suprascapular Nerve Conduction Study: Comparative Analysis between Surface and Needle Recording Methods in Normal Subjects.
Kim, Chang Hwan , Roh, Gill Ho
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, College of Medicine, Inha University. jacob.kim@inha.ac.kr
견갑상 신경의 전도 방법에 대한 연구: 표면 전극과 침전극의 비교
김창환, 노길호
인하대학교 의과대학 재활의학교실
An electromyographic examination is often utilized to confirm the diagnosis of suprascapular neuropathy in patients with shoulder pain and dysfunction. The purpose of this study was to compare two recording methods (surface and monopolar needle electrode recordings) for the evaluation of suprascapular nerve.
Twenty-two healthy subjects were tested with each method. Differences between the recording methods were compared for compound muscle action potential (CMAP) latencies and amplitudes. And the parameters obtained from two recording methods were correlated.
The mean age was 43.6⁑12.4 years (range: from 23 to 72 years old). The surface recordings appeared to give a more reproducible latency and amplitude of CMAP of the infraspinatus. The surface recorded CMAP latency and amplitude were 2.58⁑0.46 ms, and 12.6⁑2.7 mV, respectively. Those of the needle electrode recording were 2.49⁑0.41 ms and 27.6⁑6.55 mV, respectively. The two recordings were significantly correlated in latency (r=0.876, p<0.05) and amplitude(r=0.484, p<0.05).
Considering the invasiveness of study and compliance of the patient, the surface electrode recording may be prudent for the convenient assessment and follow up studies in suprascapular nerve conduction study. (J Korean Acad Rehab Med 2005; 29: 383-386)
Key Words: Suprascapular nerve, Nerve conduction, Mononeuropathy, Surface electrode, Monopolar needle electrode


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