An Erratum to Correct Typographical Errors

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Ann Rehabil Med. 2016;40(5):959-959
Publication date (electronic) : 2016 October 31
doi :

After the publication of this work [1], a typographical error appeared in the country name of all authors. The name "Mexoco" should be changed to "Mexico".

After the publication of this work [2], we noticed that the ORCID of the third author (Young-Ah Choi) was displayed incorrectly. The corrected ORCID is shown below.

Young-Ah Choi (

We sincerely apologized to the readers.


1. Macias-Hernandez SI, Vasquez-Sotelo DS, Ferruzca-Navarro MV, Badillo Sanchez SH, Gutierrez-Martinez J, Nunez-Gaona MA, et al. Proposal and evaluation of a telerehabilitation platform designed for patients with partial rotator cuff tears: a preliminary study. Ann Rehabil Med 2016;40:710–717. 27606278.
2. Kang JH, Bae HJ, Choi YA, Lee SH, Shin HI. Length of hospital stay after stroke: a Korean nationwide study. Ann Rehabil Med 2016;40:675–681. 27606274.

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