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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 1996;20(4):28.
A Study on the Event Related Potential(P300) in Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury
Chae Jun Jung, M.D. , Byung Gwon Park, M.D.
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Chosun University College of Medicine
외상성 뇌손상 환자에서 인지유발전위검사
정채준, 박병권
조선대학교 의과대학 재활의학교실

Event related potential(ERP) can be evoked by psychological or cognitive internal events.

The purpose of this study was to determine the mean latency and mean amplitude of ERP as a property of P300 in 20 controls and 35 patients with traumatic brain injury(TBI) who were classified into three groups based on the Glasgow Coma Scale(GCS).

The mean latency and the mean amplitude of P300 were 309.9±21.0msec and 4.27±1.79 μV respectively in normal controls. The mean latency of P300 was prolonged with statistically significant in the moderate and severe TBI patients, but not in mild TBI patients. In all three groups of TBI patients, the mean amplitude was reduced, which is not statistically significant. The degree of severity of injury was positively correlated with the mean latency of P300 in patients with TBI.

In conclusion, these findings are suggestive that the latency of P300 may be useful in electrodiagnostic assessment of patients with TBI.

Key Words: Event related potential, Traumatic brain injury, Latency of P300, Amplitude of P300


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