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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 1996;20(3):25.
Total Work and Cardiovascular Response to Isokinetic Contraction at the Knee Joint
Tae Sik Yoon, M.D. , Dong Soo Lee, M.D.
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Ewha Womans Universitiy College of Medicine
슬관절 등속성 수축시 총일량에 따르는 심혈관계에 미치는 영향
윤태식, 이동수
이화여자대학교 의과대학 재활의학과

This study was to investigate the blood pressure and heart rate response to isokinetic contraction at the knee joint. The subjects(n=30) performed unilateral knee extension/flexion contraction at 60°/sec(4repitition), 180°/sec(4repitition) and 180°/sec(20repitition).

The heart rate and blood pressure were measured at rest and following contraction completion at immediate, 1 and 3 minutes. In response to isokinetic contraction, heart rate was increased significantly(p<0.01). The mean increment ratio for heart rate was meaningful different in all test methods(p<0.01). In addition, increment ratio for systolic blood pressure notable increased in 180°/sec(20 repitition) compared with 180°/sec(4repitition)(p<0.01). Findings from the present study suggest that cardiovascular stress(the increase in heart rate and blood pressure associated with isokinetic contraction is proportional to amount of total work.

Key Words: Isokinetic total work, Heart rate, Blood pressure


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