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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 1984;8(1):7.
The Effect of Vojta Method in Treatment of Cerebral Palsy
Yong Pal Ahn, M.D., Sae Yoon Kang, M.D. , Kyoung Hee Park, M.D.
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Catholic Medical College
뇌성마비의 물리치료에 있어 Vojta방법의 효과
안용팔, 강세윤, 박경희
가톨릭 의과대학 재활의학과

Cerebral palsy is a nonprogressive disorder of motion and posture due to brain insult or injury during the period of early brain growth, and the incidence has not reduced in spite of improvement in social, medical and economic status.

Vojta treatment is a recently developed method of C.P. treatment which can be applied earlier than the other traditional methods by early diagnosis.

We analysed the effect of treatment by motor quotient in 32 cerebral palsied who was treated continuously for over 8 months in accordance with the neuromotor type, severity, mentality, age of initial treatment, and the number of treatment per day.

The results were as follows,

1) Spastic type was higher in initial M.Q. but the effect of treatment was similar to other types.

2) Cerebral palsied with good mentality and of mild degree had noticeably higher M.Q. initially than that of poor mentality or more severe degree, but the effect was only slightly superior to the others.

3) The better was the effect of treatment when the earlier the initial treatment.

4) The effect of treatment was much better in cases treated over twice per day than the cases treated only once.

Key Words: Cerebral palsy, Vojta, Treatment


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