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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 1978;2(1):6.
A Clinical Study of Amputations Induced by Industrial Accidents
Eun Yong Lee, M.D.
Industrial Rehabilitation Center, Inchon, Korea
산업재해로 인한 지체절단에 대한 임상적 연구 -절단단의 후유증을 중심으로-
노동청 산업재활원

Amputions occur in or are performed on patients in all walks of life, at all age levels, and for a variety of reasons. Trauma, espicially induced by industrial accidents, has been increasinlgy important role as the cause of amputation in young, vigorous, and otherwise healthy individuals. The first consideration in the treatment of a traumatic amputation is the avoidance of sepsis and careful debridement of all devitalized tissue, saving as much length of bone as possible and safe guarding all vital structures in the extremity. Of 166 cases of amputee which were admitted and treated in the Industrial Rehabilitation Center with the problems of preprosthetic stump during 21 months of period from Jan. of 1977 to Sep. 1978, 117 cases (70.5%) had one or more complications and remainders were placed in vocational training and etc.

The purpose of this study was to analyze the preprosthetic complications of traumatic amputations.

The followings were resulted:

1. The most cases were male(95%), and age goup of prominence was second decade(38.5%).

2. of 166 cases, 125 were amputees of upper extremity with the prevalence of below-elbow amputation and 41 were lower extremity.

3. 19 cases (46.4%) out of lower extremity amputations were involved in below-knee ampuration and above-knee amputation were 11 cases (26.7%).

4. The incidence of complications was higher in the amputee of lower extremity (81 complications in 41 cases) than the upper extremity (128 complications in 125 cases).

5. The highest incidence of the complication was defects in the joint above stump (30.6%), and improperly shaped stump (18.7%), spur formation and neuroma were followed.

6. 16.5% of all complications were treated with surgical intervention.

Key Words: Amputation, Industrial accident, Trauma, Treatment, Complication


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