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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 1993;17(2):202-207.
The difference of the relaxation index, angular velocity, and angular acceleration of pendulum test in elbow joint according to muscle tone.
Son, Hyeok , Chon, Joong Son , Lee, Sook Ja , Lee, Yang Soo , Kim, Kyung Deog
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine , Hallym University College of Medicine
상지의 주관절에서 진자검사시 근긴장도에 따른 이완지수, 각속도 및 각가속도의 차이
손혁, 전중선, 이숙자, 이양수, 김경덕
한림대학교 의과대학 재활의학교실

The aim of this investigation was to establish the normal data of parameters(relaxation index, angular velocity, and angular acceleration) through the pendulum test in the upper extremity, and to assess the difference of parameters berween normal persons and stroke patients.

We have tested pendulum test in elbow joint at prone position using computerized electrogoniometer with subjects of forty normal persons and eleven stroke patients.

The results were as follows:

1) The parameters of pendulum test in normal persons were not different statistically according to age and sex.

2) Normal data of amplitude ratio was 1.41±0.14. Therefore the formula of relaxation index was 1.41×(Ø21). Normal data of the first and second maximal angular velocities and angular accelerations were 6.19±1.34 and 5.17±1.03 rad/sec. 28.38±7.91 and 61.72±16.39 rad/sec/sec respectively.

3) Relaxation index and angular velocity were different statistically between thoes of normal persons and stroke patients. But the angular acceleration was not different statistically.

4) Second angular velocity in stroke patients markedly decreased comparing to first angular velocity. This suggested that flexor spasticity was more severe than extensor spasticity.

5) Relaxation index well correlated to degree of spasticity.

According to the above results, relaxation index and angular velocity were more effective parameter for quantitative measurement of the spasticity in the upper extremity.

Key Words: Pendulum test, Computerized electrogoniometer, Relaxation index, Angular velocity, Angular acceleration
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