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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 2001;25(6):973-979.
The Jaw Jerk in Normal Young Adults.
Kang, Eun Young , Cho, Min Gyu , Lee, Hyun Kyung , Jeon, Pyeung Sik , Lee, Sung Hun
1Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Kwangju Christian Hospital, Korea.
2Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Kwangju Wonkwang Medical Center, Korea.
젊은 정상 성인의 턱반사 The Jaw Jerk in Normal Young Adults
강은영, 조민규, 이현경, 전평식, 이성훈1
광주기독병원 재활의학과, 1광주원광대한방병원 재활의학과

To obtain the mean value of parameters of the jaw jerk and to investigate gender difference on the jaw jerk in normal young adults in Korea.

In young 40 subjects (20 males and 20 females), the jaw jerks were elicited by chin tapping in the relaxed masseter muscles of both sides.

The jaw jerks were recorded in 100% of the total number of chin-taps. The mean latency was 5.39 ms in the males and 5.14 ms in the females (p>0.05). The mean amplitude was 0.75 mV in the males and 0.59 mV in the females (p>0.05). The mean duration was 8.18 ms in the males and 7.85 ms in the females (p>0.05).

No significant differences were found in the parameters of the jaw jerk between males and females in this study.

Key Words: Jaw jerk, Gender, Masseter, Parameters


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