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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 2002;26(5):567-570.
Clinical Analysis on the Efficacy of Stellate Ganglion Block in the Patients with Cervical Herniated Intervertebral Disc.
Lee, Yang Gyun , Kim, Sang Cheol , Kim, Soo A , Kim, Min Sung , Choi, Eun
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Sunchunhyang University College of Medicine, Korea. odisei2010@freechal.com
경추부 추간판탈출증 환자에서 성상신경절 차단의 치료효과
이양균, 김상철, 김수아, 김민성, 최 은
순천향대학교 의과대학 재활의학교실

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the efficacy of stellate ganglion block for the patients with cervical Herniated Intervertebral Disc (HIVD).

Forty patients with cervical HIVD were selected for the study. Patients were randomly assigned to one of two groups: Group 1, stellate ganglion block of 1% lidocaine and physical modalities (n=20); Group 2, only physical modalities as a control group (n=20). Group 1 patients were treated with the stellate ganglion block of 1% lidocaine three times over two-week period. The efficacy of stellate ganglion block was assessed with Visual Analog Scale (VAS) on pre- and post-stellate ganglion blocks and with Rubin scale (success rate).

The VAS scores of post-block were significantly lower than pre-score (p<0.05) in both groups, but there was no statistically significance between the two groups. After treatment, Rubin scale was with excellent or good in 75% in group 1 and in 50% in group 2, but there was no statistically significance.

The stellate ganglion block may be effective therapeutic method for patient with cervical HIVD. But the efficacy of additional stellate ganglion block for cervical HIVD remains controversial. (J Korean Acad Rehab Med 2002; 26: 567-570)

Key Words: Stellate ganglion block, Cervical HIVD (Herniated intervertebral disc), Visual analog scale, Rubin scale


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