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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 2002;26(6):797-801.
Cardiovascular Complications during Cardiac Exercise Program.
Kim, Chul , Lim, Han Suk , Ahn, Jae Ki , Lee, Sung Min , Bang, In Keol , Kim, Yong Jin
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Sanggye Hospital, Inje University College of Medicinem, Korea. nnddqui@medigate.net
심장재활 운동 중 발생한 심혈관계 합병증
인제대학교 상계백병원 재활의학교실
To investigate the safety of exercise program under medical supervision for cardiac patients in their early phase from cardiac events, and the types and the frequency of possible cardiovascular complications during or after exercise.
197 cardiac patients who participated in phase 2 cardiac rehabilitation were selected and they performed aerobic exercise program by individualized exercise prescription under ECG monitoring 3 times a week for 6 weeks. Throughout total 2,429 sessions of exercise, abnormal symptoms, hemodynamic responses and ECG abnormalities were analyzed.
Cardiovascular complications ocurred in 25 patients (12.7%). ECG abnormalities in 14 sessions (0.58%) of 13 patients, chest pain during exercise in 17 sessions (0.67%) of 13 patients, abnormal hemodynamic responses in 8 sessions (0.33%) of 8 patients were observed. Cardiac arrest and myocardial infarct didn't happened. 18 patients (72%) experienced these complications during warming-up period, 6 patients (24%) during cool-down period and one patient (4%) during resting period.
During exercise, there was some possibility of abnormal ECG changes, chest pain, hemodynamic responses but these potentially dangerous situations could be prevented from advancing on real emergency by intense attention and monitoring. Even cardiac patients of acute stage can tolerate adequate amount of exercise load safely under careful clinical supervision. (J Korean Acad Rehab Med 2002; 26: 797-801)
Key Words: Cardiac rehabilitation program, Complication, Aerobic exercise


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