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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 2004;28(6):523-531.
Development and Application of Cognitive Perceptual Assessment for Driving of People with Brain Injury - Comparison with Cognitive Behavioral Driver's Inventory.
Lee, Jun Wook , Jang, Soon Ja , Kim, Dong A , Park, Si Woon , Jung, Won Kook , Yoo, Jung Hun , Lee, Jang Han , Kim, Sun I
1Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Korea. nrcjang@hanmail.net
2Rehabilitation Psychology, National Rehabilitation Hospital, Korea.
3Department of Biomedical Engineering, Hanyang University, Korea.
뇌손상 장애인의 운전을 위한 인지-지각능력 평가 도구의 개발과 적용: '운전자 인지행동검사'와의 비교
이준욱, 장순자, 김동아, 박시운, 정원국, 유정헌1, 이장한2, 김선일2
국립재활병원 재활의학과, 1재활심리실, 2한양대학교 의공학교실
We developed the Cognitive Perceptual Assessment for Driving (CPAD) to assess the driving ability of people with acquired brain injury. To find out the usefulness of this tool as a screening test for safe driving, we compared it with the Cognitive Behavioral Driver's Inventory (CBDI).
Subjects were 101 people with acquired brain injury who had driven a car before the injury. Each subject was evaluated with CPAD and CBDI. CPAD consisted of 8 tasks and 10 variables. We calculated CPAD score using 10 variables and compared CPAD with CBDI result and score.
The average CPAD score was 49.65⁑7.97. According to CBDI test, the number of CBDI passing group was 36, borderline group was 27, and failing group was 38. CPAD variables and score showed significant correlation with CBDI score (p<0.05). There was significant difference in CPAD variables and score among the 3 groups (p<0.05).
CPAD can be a useful tool for assessing the driving ability of the people with acquired brain injury. (J Korean Acad Rehab Med 2004; 28: 523-531)
Key Words: Cognitive perceptual assessment for driving (CPAD), Acquired brain injury, Cognitive behavioral driver's inventory (CBDI)


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