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Journal of the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 2009;33(6):704-710.
Validation of Gugging Swallowing Screen for Patients with Stroke Based on Videofluoroscopic Swallowing Study.
Song, Won Woo , Yi, Sook Hee , Kim, Eun Ju , Kim, Han Na , Park, Jeong Joon , Choi, Kyung In , Ryu, Byung Ju
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, National Rehabilitation Center, Korea. lovelsh1229@naver.com
비디오 투시 연하 검사에 근거한 Gugging Swallowing Screen의 타당도 평가
송원우, 이숙희, 김은주, 김한나, 박정준, 최경인, 류병주
국립재활병원 재활의학과
To evaluate the clinical validity of gugging swallowing screen (GUSS) scale in comparison with the findings of videofluoroscopic swallowing study (VFSS) for subacute and chronic stroke patients, though GUSS was developed in order to screen dysphagia in acute stroke patients.
The subjects of this study were thirty-five patients who had stroke for more than 3 months and were showing the symptom of dysphagia. GUSS, VFSS and clinical examination were performed respectively by three different physiatrists. These tests were performed at intervals of 24 hours or less. The result of GUSS was compared with videofluoroscopic dysphagia scale (VDS) based on VFSS, Clinical dysphagia scale (CDS), and ASHA scale based on clinical patterns.
The result of GUSS was in a significant correlation with VDS, CDS, and ASHA scale (p<0.01). GUSS predicted aspiration very efficiently (area under the curve=0.928; 95% CI, 0.833 to 1.022). The cutoff value of 12 point showed sensitivity of 89.5%, specificity of 87.5%, and negative predictability of 87.5%.
The GUSS is considered as an effective and convenient screening tool to evaluate stroke patients with dysphagia irrespective of stroke stages. (J Korean Acad Rehab Med 2009; 33: 704-710)
Key Words: Dysphagia, Stroke, Validity, Scale


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