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Relationship of Diabetic Polyneuropathy Severity with Various Balance Parameters.
Lee, Jun Ho , Kim, Chang Hwan , Kim, Sang Hyun , Jeong, Hyung Jun , Kim, Myeong Ok
Ann Rehabil Med. 2010;34(5):550-553.
The Value of Electrodiagnostic Studies Performed before and after Microvascular Decompression.
Kim, Myeong Ok , Jung, Han Young , Kim, Chang Hwan , Kim, Eun Young , Lee, Hye Jin , Yeo, Sang Won
Ann Rehabil Med. 2009;33(6):687-692.
Obturator Internus Myofascial Pain: A Cause of Undiagnosed Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome: Case reports.
Kim, Sang Hyun , Kim, Chang Hwan , Lee, Jun Ho , Shin, Yong Sik
Ann Rehabil Med. 2009;33(1):131-134.
Relation of Nerve Conduction Study and Physical Parametersin Diabetic Polyneuropathy.
Shin, Yong Sik , Kim, Myeong Ok , Kim, Chang Hwan , Nam, Moon Suk
Ann Rehabil Med. 2009;33(1):112-117.
Spinal Subdural Hematoma Associated with Anticoagulant Treatment for Acute Cerebral Infarct: A case report.
Joa, Kyung Lim , Jung, Han Young , Kim, Chang Hwan , Shin, Yong Sik , Kim, Sang Hyun , Lee, Jun Ho , Kim, Myeong Ok
Ann Rehabil Med. 2008;32(6):730-733.
Left Atrial Myxoma Manifesting as Cerebral Embolism and Multiple Arthralgia: A case report.
Yeo, Sang Won , Kim, Myeong Ok , Kim, Chang Hwan , Lee, Jae Joon , Jung, Han Young
Ann Rehabil Med. 2008;32(6):726-729.
Reproducibility of Nerve Conduction Study Parameters: A Comparison of Normal and Diabetic Patients with Neuropathy.
Han, Eun Young , Kim, Chang Hwan
Ann Rehabil Med. 2007;31(6):699-704.
The Effects of Increasing Thoracic Mobility on Lumbar Stability.
Park, Dong Sik , Hur, Jin Kang , Song, Jae Cheol , Kim, Yoon Shin , Kim, Chang Hwan , Choi, Eun Hee , Kwon, Bong An , Yang, Young Ae
Ann Rehabil Med. 2005;29(1):102-108.
The Preventive Effect of Nimodipine on the Cisplatin Induced Neuropathy.
Kim, Chang Hwan , Choi, Hyun Chul , Roh, Gill Ho
Ann Rehabil Med. 2003;27(1):90-95.
Evaluating Rehabilitative Medical Information on the Korean Internet: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Stroke.
Kim, Chang Hwan , Oh, Bum Seok , Han, Sang Ho , Hur, Jin Kang , Kim, Yu Je , Park, Dong Sik
Ann Rehabil Med. 2002;26(6):802-805.
Roberts Syndrome: A case report.
Kim, Myeong Ok , Jung, Han Young , Kim, Chang Hwan , Choi, Hyun Chul
Ann Rehabil Med. 2002;26(3):352-354.
Cerebral Infarct Caused by Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome after Using an Ovulation Induction Agent: A case report.
Kim, Myeong Ok , Jung, Han Young , Kim, Chang Hwan , Kim, Seung Yeol
Ann Rehabil Med. 2002;26(3):347-351.
A Case Report of Infiltrative Polyneuropathy Associated with Lymphoma.
Kim, Chang Hwan , Paik, Kyung Woo
Ann Rehabil Med. 2001;25(4):724-728.
The Relationship between Hyperglycemia and Neurologic, Functional Outcome with Traumatic Brain Injury.
Choi, Seung Ho , Yoon, Joon Shik , Kim, Chang Hwan
Ann Rehabil Med. 2001;25(4):572-578.


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