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Driving Status, Habits and Safety of Older Drivers.
Park, Si Woon , Yoo, Hyun Chul , Lim, Mun Hee , Hwang, Sung Il , Kim, Eun Joo , Choi, Eun Seok , Choi, Kyung In , Lee, Kuem Ju , Kim, Dae Jin
Ann Rehabil Med. 2010;34(5):570-576.
Evaluation of Driving Ability in Older Drivers.
Park, Si Woon , Choi, Eun Seok , Lim, Mun Hee , Hwang, Sung Il , Kim, Eun Joo , Choi, Kyung In , Yoo, Hyun Chul , Lee, Kuem Ju
Ann Rehabil Med. 2010;34(4):458-464.
Urinary Difficulty in Brain Lesion: Impact on Quality of Life: Multicenter Prospective Epidemiologic Study.
Cho, Kang Hee , Hwang, Sun Hong , Lee, Hye Jin , Jee, Sung Ju , Choi, Eun Seok , Lee, Ho , Lee, Ki Hoon , Bok, Soo Kyung , Park, Noh Kyung
Ann Rehabil Med. 2010;34(2):115-119.
Transfer Activities in Patients with Spinal Cord Injury after Discharge from Hospital.
Kim, Jong Hoon , Lee, Bum Suk , Choi, Eun Seok , Yang, Ho Cheol , Kim, Dong A , Kim, Hong Chae , Yi, Sook Hee
Ann Rehabil Med. 2010;34(1):41-48.
Reversible Severe Dysphagia Presenting in Wernicke's Encephalopathy: A case report.
Choi, Eun Seok , Mok, Sung Kyun , Cho, Ye Rim , Min, Ji Hye , Park, Young Mook , Kim, Yun Hee , Han, Zee A
Ann Rehabil Med. 2008;32(4):460-464.
Anatomical Considerations of the Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve Related to Nerve Conduction Study.
Park, Se Hoon , Ko, Young Jin , Choi, Eun Seok , Moon, Seung Kook , Choi, Hang Joon , Kang, Hyun Kyu
Ann Rehabil Med. 2005;29(6):614-618.
Effects of Dexamethasone on Neurogenic Bladder in Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis Rat.
Park, Joo Hyun , Ko, Young Jin , Choi, Eun Seok , Kim, Hye Won , Kim, Jong Hyun , Park, Se Hoon
Ann Rehabil Med. 2003;27(5):682-687.
MRI Findings of Adhesive Capsulitis of Shoulder.
Choi, Eun Seok , Lee, Yeon Soo , Yang, Ji Ho , Ko, Young Jin , Kang, Sae Yoon , Shin, Jae Eun , Whang, In Sik , Yang, Yoo Jin
Ann Rehabil Med. 2002;26(2):177-181.
Effect of Combined Therapy of Cisapride and Lactulose on Neurogenic Bowel Dysfunction in Spinal Cord Injury.
Choi, Eun Seok , Lee, Yeon Soo , Kim, Joon Sung , Yang, Ji Ho , Ko, Young Jin , Kang, Sae Yoon , Kim, Il Soo , Lee, Hyoung Chul , Shin, Hyeon Bo , Lee, Sung Ho , Park, Se Hun
Ann Rehabil Med. 2001;25(6):948-955.
Arthrographic Findings of Frozen Shoulder and Therapeutic Effect of Distension Arthrography.
Choi, Eun Seok , Kim, Joon Sung , Lee, Yeon Soo , Shin, Byoung Soon , Ko, Young Jin , Park, Se Hun
Ann Rehabil Med. 2001;25(2):278-283.
Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis: Follow-up of 1 case.
Choi, Eun Seok , Lee, Yeon Soo , Yang, Seung Han , Shin, Ji Nam , Kim, Yong Seog , Jung, Kyung Heui
Ann Rehabil Med. 1998;22(5):1151-1155.
Estimation of Stress Level in Mothers with Cerebral Palsy Children.
Choi, Eun Seok , Park, Joo Hyun , Kim, Yoon Tae , Chae, Jeong Ho , Kim, Kyong Hwa , Shin, Ji Nam
Ann Rehabil Med. 1998;22(5):1028-1034.
Pendulum Test Using Video-Based Two Dimensional Motion Analysis Program.
Yang, Seung Han , Choi, Eun Seok , Park, No Kyoung , Kim, Min Ki , Choi, Jang Hyu
Ann Rehabil Med. 1997;21(5):942-949.
Findings of Semiquantitative Analysis of 99mTc-HMPAO Brain SPECT in Cerebral Palsy.
Choi, Eun Seok , Yang, Seung Han , Kang, Sae Yoon , Kang, Si Won , Kim, Yong Seog
Ann Rehabil Med. 1997;21(5):841-850.
A Child with Familial Hypophosphatemic Ricket: A case report.
Choi, Eun Seok , Kang, Sae Yoon , Lee, Yeon Soo , Choi, Jang Hyu
Ann Rehabil Med. 1997;21(3):623-623.
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