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Anatomical Localization of Motor Points of the Abductor Hallucis Muscle: A Cadaveric Study
Asayeon Choi, Na Yeon Kwon, Kyeongwon Kim, Youngkook Kim, Jeehae Oh, Hyun Mi Oh, Joo Hyun Park
Ann Rehabil Med. 2017;41(4):589-594.   Published online August 31, 2017
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Surface Mapping of Motor Points in Biceps Brachii Muscle
Ja-Young Moon, Tae-Sun Hwang, Seon-Ju Sim, Sae-il Chun, Minyoung Kim
Ann Rehabil Med. 2012;36(2):187-196.   Published online April 30, 2012
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The Effect of Motor Point Block with Alcohol on Hip Adductor Muscles in Spastic Cerebral Palsy.
Ryu, Soo Jin , Kim, Dong Hyuk , Kim, Eun Jin , Cho, Yun Kyung , Lee, Sung Hoon , Kang, Eun Young
Ann Rehabil Med. 2007;31(4):472-477.
Treatment of Torsion Dystonia with Motor Point Block Using Phenol : A case report.
Kim, Seong Woo , Lee, Sun Kyoung , Shin, Jung Bin , You, Sung You , Lee, Won Suk , Vaq, Sung Gin
Ann Rehabil Med. 2006;30(6):661-664.
Anatomical Locations of the Motor Points of the Biceps Brachii and Brachialis Muscles.
Kim, Joon Sung , Kwon, Jeong Yi , Kang, Sae Yoon , Park, Jung Won
Ann Rehabil Med. 2004;28(6):592-595.
Anatomical Locations of the Motor Points of the Triceps Surae Muscles.
Kim, Min Wook , Kim, Jong Hyun , Ko, Young Jin , Moon, Joo Sung , Yang, Yoo Jin
Ann Rehabil Med. 2003;27(4):581-584.
Surface Mapping of Motor Points of Gastrocnemius and Soleus Muscles.
Ko, Hyun Yoon , Park, Ho Joon , Park, Jae Heung , Kim, Hoon
Ann Rehabil Med. 2001;25(4):621-626.
Effects of Intra-Articular Injection and Subscapularis Motor Point Block on Painful Hemiplegic Shoulder.
Kim, Eun Guk , So, Seung Wook , Kim, Hee Sang , Ahn, Kyung Hoi
Ann Rehabil Med. 1999;23(3):615-621.
Follow-up Study of Motor Point Block by Phenol in Spastic Cerebral Palsy.
Bang, Moon Suk , Han, Tai Ryoon , Kim, Hyeon Sook , Lim, Jae Young
Ann Rehabil Med. 1999;23(2):247-252.
Localization of the Motor Nerve Branches and Motor Points of the Hamstring Muscles and Triceps Surae Muscle.
Kim, Hyeon Sook , Lee, Peter K W , Kim, Jong Moon , Chung, Seung Hyun , Kim, Sang Yong
Ann Rehabil Med. 1998;22(6):1305-1311.
Motor Point Block By Phenol in Spastic Cerebral Palsy.
Bang, Moon Suk , Han, Tai Ryoon , Lim, Jae Young
Ann Rehabil Med. 1997;21(1):71-77.
Nerve or Motor Point Block with Phenol Solution for the Relief of the Spasticity
Po-Sung Jun, M.D., Ghi-Chan Kim, M.D. , Ho-Joong Jeong, M.D.
Ann Rehabil Med. 1996;20(4):33.
The Study of Pain Control with Trigger Point Injection in Lumbosacral Radiculopathy
Je Sang Park, M.D., Joo Byoung Lee, M.D., Bong Goo Kang, M.D., Yang Gyun Lee, M.D. , Il Jang, M.D.*
Ann Rehabil Med. 1996;20(4):23.
Percutaneous motor point block to tibialis posterior by anterior approach.
Kim, Ghi Chan , Ko, Hyun Yoon
Ann Rehabil Med. 1992;16(3):283-286.
Nerve and Motor Point Blocks Using 3% Phenol Solution, 79 Cases Report
Kang Mok Lee, M.D.
Ann Rehabil Med. 1979;3(1):2.
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