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Brain disorders
Treadmill Exercise as a Preventive Measure Against Age-Related Anxiety and Social Behavioral Disorders in Rats: When Is It Worth Starting?
Satoru Taguchi, Mohammed E. Choudhury, Kanta Mikami, Ryo Utsunomiya, Hajime Yano, Junya Tanaka
Ann Rehabil Med. 2022;46(6):320-328.   Published online December 31, 2022
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Effectiveness of Combining Behavioral Treatment With Valproic Acid for Dysphagia Caused by Palatal Myoclonus in Patients With Stroke: Two Case Reports
Bo-Ram Kim, Yejin Lee, Soo Jin Kim, Hyuntae Kim, Jong Won Lee, Seunghwan Lee, Jongmin Lee
Ann Rehabil Med. 2018;42(1):180-183.   Published online February 28, 2018
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Pharmacotherapy Prescription Trends for Cognitive-Behavioral Disorder in Patients With Brain Injury in Korea
Sungchul Huh, Tae Wan Kim, Jung Hyun Yang, Myung Hoon Moon, Soo-Yeon Kim, Hyun-Yoon Ko
Ann Rehabil Med. 2018;42(1):35-41.   Published online February 28, 2018
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Overall Profile of a Pediatric Multidisciplinary Feeding Clinic
Ji Sun Jung, Hyun Jung Chang, Jeong-Yi Kwon
Ann Rehabil Med. 2016;40(4):692-701.   Published online August 24, 2016
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Abnormal Ocular Movement With Executive Dysfunction and Personality Change in Subject With Thalamic Infarction: A Case Report
Ee Jin Kim, Myeong Ok Kim, Chang Hwan Kim, Kyung Lim Joa, Han Young Jung
Ann Rehabil Med. 2015;39(6):1033-1037.   Published online December 29, 2015
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Characteristics of Abdominal Obesity in Persons With Spinal Cord Injury
Kwang Dong Kim, Hyung Seok Nam, Hyung Ik Shin
Ann Rehabil Med. 2013;37(3):336-346.   Published online June 30, 2013
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Hypoxia-Ischemia Induced Nigrostriatal System Damages and Motor Behavioral Changes in Neonatal Rat Brain.
Kim, Se Won , Kim, Seung Beom , Lee, Su Young , Kim, Jong Moon , Lim, Jeong Hoon , Lee, In Sik , Lee, Jongmin , Koh, Seong Eun
Ann Rehabil Med. 2009;33(6):649-656.
Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Derived from Bone Marrow in Traumatic Brain Injury of Rat Migrate to the Site of Injury.
Kang, Si Hyun , Chun, Min Ho , Kim, Sang Tae , Cho, Hee Jin
Ann Rehabil Med. 2009;33(5):520-526.
Attenuation of Self-biting in Spinal Cord Injury by Functional Upper Extremity Surgery and Gabapentin Administration: A case report.
Lee, Young Hee , Kim, Sung Hun , Kim, Joo Ryung , Kwon, Sung Joo , Lee, Dong Wook , Chung, Yoon Ku
Ann Rehabil Med. 2008;32(6):734-736.
The Relations among Pain, Emotional and Cognitive-behavioral Factors in Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain Patients.
Lim, Kil Byung , Kim, Ji Yeong , Lee, Hong Jae , Kim, Dug Young , Kim, Jung Min
Ann Rehabil Med. 2008;32(4):424-429.
The Assessment of Functional Change in Ischemic Stroke Rat.
Lim, Seong Hoon , Lee, Jung Soo , Lee, Be Na , Min, Ji Hye , Lee, Jong In , Rhee, Won Ihl , Ko, Young Jin , Kim, Hye Won
Ann Rehabil Med. 2008;32(3):253-257.
Comparison of Activity Patterns between Rehabilitation Stroke Unit and Mixed Rehabilitation Ward for Stroke Patients.
Lee, Sang Jin , Shin, Jung Bum , Hong, Jin Young , Lee, Ji Heoung , Jun, Po Sung , Ha, Ho Sung
Ann Rehabil Med. 2007;31(1):63-69.
Relevance of Behavioral Test in the Photothrombotic Stroke Rat Model.
Kim, Heon Soo , Shin, Yong Il , Kim, Hyoung Ihl , Moon, Seong Keun , Lee, Seoul , Moon, Byung Soon , Lee, Min Cheol
Ann Rehabil Med. 2006;30(2):135-141.
Development and Application of Cognitive Perceptual Assessment for Driving of People with Brain Injury - Comparison with Cognitive Behavioral Driver's Inventory.
Lee, Jun Wook , Jang, Soon Ja , Kim, Dong A , Park, Si Woon , Jung, Won Kook , Yoo, Jung Hun , Lee, Jang Han , Kim, Sun I
Ann Rehabil Med. 2004;28(6):523-531.
The Prevalence of Behavioral Risk Factors and Lifestyle Changes after Stroke.
Ahn, Kyung Hoi , Kim, Hee Sang , Kim, Dong Hwan , Yun, Dong Hwan
Ann Rehabil Med. 2003;27(4):500-506.
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