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Hepatic Encephalopathy With Corticospinal Tract Involvement Demonstrated by Diffusion Tensor Tractography
Hyun Bang, Hye Yeon Lee, Bo-Ram Kim, In-Sik Lee, Heeyoune Jung, Seong-Eun Koh, Jongmin Lee
Ann Rehabil Med. 2015;39(1):138-141.   Published online February 28, 2015
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Predictive Value of Sympathetic Skin Response in Diagnosing Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: A Case-Control Study
Hyun Jung Kim, Hea Eun Yang, Dae Hyun Kim, Yoon Ghil Park
Ann Rehabil Med. 2015;39(1):116-121.   Published online February 28, 2015
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Intracranial Hemorrhage in the Corpus Callosum Presenting as Callosal Disconnection Syndrome: FDG-PET and Tractography: A Case Report
In Hwan Kim, Soyoung Lee, Chang-Young Lee, Dong Gyu Lee
Ann Rehabil Med. 2014;38(6):871-875.   Published online December 24, 2014
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Activations of Deep Lumbar Stabilizing Muscles by Transcutaneous Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation of Lumbar Paraspinal Regions
Seung Ok Baek, Sang Ho Ahn, Rodney Jones, Hee Kyung Cho, Gil Su Jung, Yun Woo Cho, Hyeong Jun Tak
Ann Rehabil Med. 2014;38(4):506-513.   Published online August 28, 2014
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Neuroradiological and Neurophysiological Characteristics of Patients With Dyskinetic Cerebral Palsy
Byung-Hyun Park, Sung-Hee Park, Jeong-Hwan Seo, Myoung-Hwan Ko, Gyung-Ho Chung
Ann Rehabil Med. 2014;38(2):189-199.   Published online April 29, 2014
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Factors Affecting the Motor Evoked Potential Responsiveness and Parameters in Patients With Supratentorial Stroke
Tae Woong Choi, Seung Gul Jang, Seung Nam Yang, Sung-Bom Pyun
Ann Rehabil Med. 2014;38(1):19-28.   Published online February 25, 2014
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The Location of Multifidus Atrophy in Patients With a Single Level, Unilateral Lumbar Radiculopathy
Jung-Il Kang, Sun-Yu Kim, Jin-Hyun Kim, Hyun Bang, In-Sik Lee
Ann Rehabil Med. 2013;37(4):498-504.   Published online August 26, 2013
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Skin Temperature Changes in Patients With Unilateral Lumbosacral Radiculopathy
Jong Yun Ra, Sun An, Geun-Ho Lee, Tae Uk Kim, Seong Jae Lee, Jung Keun Hyun
Ann Rehabil Med. 2013;37(3):355-363.   Published online June 30, 2013
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Evaluation of Salivary Aspiration in Brain-Injured Patients With Tracheostomy
Yujeong Kang, Min Ho Chun, Sook Joung Lee
Ann Rehabil Med. 2013;37(1):96-102.   Published online February 28, 2013
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Corticospinal Tract and Pontocerebellar Fiber of Central Pontine Myelinolysis
Yong Min, Sung-Hee Park, Seung-Bae Hwang
Ann Rehabil Med. 2012;36(6):887-892.   Published online December 28, 2012
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Reliability of the Supraspinatus Muscle Thickness Measurement by Ultrasonography
Tae Im Yi, In Soo Han, Joo Sup Kim, Ju Ryeon Jin, Jea Shin Han
Ann Rehabil Med. 2012;36(4):488-495.   Published online August 27, 2012
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Magnetic Resonance Imaging as a Determinant for Surgical Release of Congenital Muscular Torticollis: Correlation with the Histopathologic Findings
Jee Hyun Hwang, Han Byul Lee, Jang-Hee Kim, Myong Chul Park, Kyu-Sung Kwack, Jae Deok Han, Shin-Young Yim
Ann Rehabil Med. 2012;36(3):320-327.   Published online June 30, 2012
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The Relationship between Cross Sectional Area and Strength of Back Muscles in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain
Ho Jun Lee, Woo Hyun Lim, Jin-Woo Park, Bum Sun Kwon, Ki Hyung Ryu, Jung Hwan Lee, Young Geun Park
Ann Rehabil Med. 2012;36(2):173-181.   Published online April 30, 2012
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Magnetic Resonance Findings of Acute Severe Lower Back Pain
Seon-Yu Kim, In-Sik Lee, Bo-Ram Kim, Jeong-Hoon Lim, Jongmin Lee, Seong-Eun Koh, Seung Beom Kim, Seung Lee Park
Ann Rehabil Med. 2012;36(1):47-54.   Published online February 29, 2012
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Association between Cross-sectional Areas of Lumbar Muscles on Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Chronicity of Low Back Pain
Hak Il Lee, Junyoung Song, Hee Song Lee, Jin Young Kang, Minyoung Kim, Ju Seok Ryu
Ann Rehabil Med. 2011;35(6):852-859.   Published online December 30, 2011
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